2021 SPMAO Fall Workshops

Research Findings: on the (mis)Use of Aerosol vs Baits for Roach Control &
Reducing Asthma Triggers in the Home: through Cockroach Control Measures

This presentation will provide an overview of key employment law considerations for employers, including employment agreements, the difference between employees and independent contractors, vacation, overtime, leaves of absence, policies, and terminations.  It will also address the different types of COVID-19 vaccination policies and provide insight into their enforceability and best practices for employers. The session will conclude with a Q&A period.

The Dilemma with Dark-Eyed Fruit Flies: Dark-eyed fruit flies have become one of the dominant small flies indoors. These small flies are closely related to the red-eyed fruit flies but often are considered more difficult to control. Attend this session to learn how to identify these tricky flies, find their breeding grounds, and to solve the dilemma of the dark-eyed fruit fly.

This session: will provide a brief overview of the federal government’s role in regulating pesticides, focusing on Health Canada’s involvement in the structural pest control industry. Topics discussed will also include national inspection findings, trends in non-compliance, enforcement actions that can be issued when non-compliance is identified; and, tips for staying in compliance. Lastly, regulatory updates about finalized re-evaluation decisions that impact the structural pest control industry will be provided. Multiple choice questions will be asked throughout the presentation to test participants’ understanding, and will include exercises about reading and following pesticide label directions.

Weekly Sessions from 2:00 – 4:00pm 

on Thursdays in November

$25 per Session OR $75 for ALL Sessions