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When you become a member of SPMAO, you are strengthening your voice in the pest management industry.
Membership benefits include exclusive education and training to ensure that our pest management professionals are current with today’s “best practices” and licensing.

2024 SPMAO Joint Membership

Joint Members are Pest Control Companies and must submit proof of an Operator’s License. Joint members enjoy full membership with voting rights.

A unique cooperative effort between SPMAO, CPMA and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) makes it possible for you to enjoy the membership benefits and resources of all three organizations at a fraction of the cost.  If you are a member of SPMAO and CPMA, you can access NPMA resources.  This partnership is designed to help you to grow personally and professionally as well as grow your business more efficiently and less expensively.

Here we have picked a few of the most popular member benefits, but we encourage you to visit www.npmapestworld.org to see all that is available to you.

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Health & Dental Insurance Group Plan

Click here to read about a Health and Dental Benefit Plan available exclusively for SPMAO Members. We chose to work with RWAM Insurance Administrators Inc. because their niche is working with small and medium-sized businesses and they have an understanding of the unique challenges that need to be taken into consideration.