September 2022


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Dusana Bondy, SPMAO President

Your industry needs you!

SPMAO recently received a copy of correspondence from an organization claiming to be Rodenticide Free Ontario. This organization has set itself up based on similar activities modelled by other activists in BC and in the United States. They have sent this letter to a number of pest control companies in Western Ontario and some of you may have already received a copy. It has also been sent to at least one municipal council in Ontario and very likely many more. Attached is the letter from the activist group and SPMAO’s response to the MOECP and Toronto City Council.

Based on events that have recently transpired in BC we are very concerned about the impact activist organizations like this may have on business in Ontario and need to get ahead of it before the issue becomes much larger and we lose control of our efforts to protect the health and well being of fellow Ontarians. Should they succeed and Ontario follows the path taken by the BC government it will affect our extermination businesses and will have a huge impact on customers needing rodent control services. This will also have an effect on farm properties and their ability to protect their animals, crops, and equipment from disease and the costly damage that rodents do each year that takes a toll on the cost of food in Canada.

How can you help?

It is very important that you, as members of SPMAO, support this letter if you agree with it and send it to your local MPP’s with a follow up call to your constituency office. Let’s get the conversation started so we don’t lose tools from our tool box through inaction! The letter is written, all you have to do is use it as support. If we get ahead of the issue, we may be able to spearhead positive action instead of ban.

What SPMAO can do?

As a start we plan on arranging a meeting with Toronto Council and the MOECP prior to any formal decisions or discussions being made. We want to be at the table when this issue is being discussed in order to ensure that anyone involved understands the impact this will have on human health and safety. Too often decisions are made within government without any discussion with stakeholders and we plan on telling the other side of the story that the activists don’t want government and consumers to hear.

If anyone would like to assist further or feels they have an invested interest to assist SPMAO, please, feel free to reach out to us. Your input and ideas are very important to maintain a healthy business climate for the pest management industry.


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