May 2021


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 Phoenix Defense – Pest & Wildlife Control – Odessa

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Dusana Bondy, SPMAO President

As President, I will work to provide members with resources and knowledge to strengthen the Pest Management Industry while our members provide public protection against structure infesting pests and wildlife. As we transition back to the new normal, I look forward to face to face meetings, conferences and workshops!

Thanks to all those that attended our AGM on April 29th. We received a lot of great feedback and conversation!

As your President, I am pleased to announce your 2021 Board of Directors:

Dusana Bondy
Geoff Walsh
Sharon Izzo
Elizabeth Naylor-Wolfe
Paolo Bossio
Simon Leith
Dan Robert
Waheed Ahmed

Welcome to Waheed as our newest Board Member.


Online Licensing Exams




Reminder that those 40+ can book vaccinations across Ontario starting May 14th.

Those working in essential services, which includes pest control, could book vaccinations across Canada beginning on May 11th. Please find a vaccination template letter attached.

Those in provincial hot spots also have opportunities to obtain vaccinations as well.

Please refer to the link for more info.
Vaccine Head Hunters is also a great website/resource to use.


It is tick awareness week and it is important as pest management professionals that we can confidently answer our clients questions surrounding all types of pests including ticks. Even if you don’t include ticks in your regular treatment practice, providing accurate knowledge the public is key. Here are some resources:

Tick Talk | Learn about Ticks, Tickborne Diseases, and Tick Prevention

Risk of Lyme disease to Canadians – Canada.ca

Removing and submitting ticks for testing – Canada.ca


It has come to SPMAO’s attention recently that the Region of Peel has adopted a Residential Rat Subsidy Program. This program went out as an RFP, however there are some distinct differences than other RFP’s that concern our Board. Three companies were chosen as preferred vendors for this program. From a healthy competition stand point this is concerning. Many companies exist in the Peel Region and this prevents homeowners from continuing to use their trusted pest control company. The other major concern is that only 1 out of the 3 approved vendors are members of SPMAO.

SPMAO has contacted the Region of Peel with these concerns and will be sending a formal letter to prevent this type of RFP from happening in the future. This pilot project comes up in March 2022 for renewal. SPMAO encourages you – our members living and operating in the Peel Region to write and contact your MPP’s expressing your concerns as well.

The more voices, the stronger the message.

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